Post Office Life Insurance and Its Term and Over 50s Life Cover

Post Office carries the following life insurance products:

Aside from this, it offers New Parent Free Life Cover, which is aimed towards helping new parents get a head start on life insurance coverage and will encourage them to add more cover in the future.

Why Go with Post Office?

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Quick Facts

  Over 50s Life Cover Term Cover
Primary purpose of product

Provides life insurance cover for end of life costs (i.e. funeral expenses, debt payment).

Provides a lump sum to the beneficiaries upon the Person Insured’s death that they could use to provide for their needs or to pay off a mortgage.

Plan basics

Provides level cover for the entire life of the Person Insured.

Offers guaranteed acceptance.

If cause of death is natural cause or illness:  a refund of paid premiums for death on the first year, payment of full Sum Insured after the first year.

If the Person Insured dies because of an accident: the full Sum Insured for death on the first year, double the Sum Insured after the first year.

Provided by Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited for Post Office.

Provides level or decreasing life insurance cover (level life cover is for an interest-only mortgage or to provide a lump sum while decreasing life cover is primarily for a repayment mortgage).

Payment of Sum Insured is upon the death or terminal illness of the Person Insured.

Provided by Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited for Post Office.

Cover limits

Maximum cover is based on maximum premium

Minimum: £5,000

Maximum: £500,000

This is also dependent on age at outset:

18 – 49: £500,000

50 – 54: £300,000

55 – 59: £200,000
60 – 66: £100,000

Cash-in value



Minimum age at entry



Maximum age at entry



Other eligibility requirements

Must be a resident of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man are excluded

Must be a permanent resident of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man are excluded

Length of cover
Minimum term

Not applicable

3 years

Maximum term

No maximum term, plan can continue for the whole of the Person Insured’s life

51 years

Maximum age

Not applicable

69 years old


Premium payment terms depend on age at onset:

50 – 64: 20 years

65 – 75: 85 years

76 +: 10 years

Minimum premium

£7 monthly

£5 monthly

Maximum premium

£50 monthly, maximum of 20 years

Not more than £100 monthly for all plans under the provider

No maximum premiums, it depends on the maximum cover available

Guaranteed premiums



Reviewable premium



Joint life cover


Yes, joint first death

Other benefits

Optional Funeral Benefit Option



For the first year, death due to natural causes and pre-existing conditions are excluded.

For accidental death, the following are excluded:

  • Self-inflicted injury
  • Active participation in a criminal act
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • War, rebellion, hostilities, civil war or participation in a civil commotion or riot
  • Active participation in a hazardous pursuit
  • Any type of flying where Person Insured is not a fare-paying passenger
  • While the person is living outside the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand

No payments if:

  • There is a failure to provide the correct date of birth and if such misstatement, had the company known, would have resulted in the company refusing to provide the cover
  • There is a failure to provide information on existing illnesses and if such misstatement, had the company known, would have resulted in a change in the terms the policy was approved/denied
  • Suicide
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Plan Details

Payment of Benefit. The policy will pay out the Sum Insured when the Person Insured dies or is terminally illness, only diagnosis made before the last 18 months of cover will be payable.

Type of Sum Insured. The Sum Insured can either be level or decreasing. Level life cover has the same life insurance throughout the life of the policy. Decreasing Life Cover is designed to decrease in the same rate as the mortgage it covers.

Type of Cover.

Additional Benefits/Options

Terminal Illness.  This pays the Sum Insured before the death of the Person Insured. This is payable when the Person Insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness before the last 18 months of the policy’s end date.

Other details:

New Parent Free Life Cover. This offers free life cover in the amount of £10,000 for parent effective from the time of approval to the child’s first birthday. This can be bought online and is designed to help new parents who are just starting out. This is provided by Aviva for Post Office.

Other details:

Funeral Benefit Option. This free cover pays out £250 to The Co-operative Funeralcare to cover funeral bills.

Other details:

How to make a claim

For death or terminal illness claims, the claimant (either the Person Insured or his beneficiaries) should provide the following

For the Terminal Illness Benefit, Post Office may also require:

All medical tests and certificates must be given by medical practitioners that live and have a practice in the UK, as well as the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand and Malta.

Also, the claimant may also be asked to provide access to relevant documents and certificates with regards to the Person Insured.

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